BPro Inc is a US-based premier information technology services corporation with a successful track record of providing election-related software solutions to state and local governments across the country.

Our product, TotalVote®, is comprised of multiple functional modules that support all methods of voter registration and list maintenance, election management, election reporting, and the myriad of interfaces necessary to maintain accurate registration rolls in the modern, mobile information environment. The majority of our TotalVote functional modules have been previously developed and deployed, yet TotalVote remains a flexible solution that is customized for each individual jurisdiction to fit their laws, statues, workflows, and other specific requirements.

Ease of Use

The familiar, intuitive and consistent interface makes TotalVote easy to learn and easy to train new staff.

The benefit of using a common web interface with point and click simplicity, along with the ability to use keyboard driven operations, offers familiarity to both administrators as well as users who are doing “heads down” repetitive work.

TotalVote has fail-safe checks throughout its modules to present the user with only what is currently applicable for an election, and gives instructive error messages when information is not sufficient to complete processing. Our web interface senses when a user is navigating away from a page and prompts the user when there is updated information that has not been saved to the displayed record.

One login gives a user access to the entire system, and role-based security provides the ability to limit the areas accessible to any user to the area of work that is necessary for their job.

Data Sharing

Fully searchable user manuals are provided throughout the system.

TotalVote has been designed and developed using state-of-the-art software language and operating system that embraces the era of Internet deployment and mobile support. Data sharing is a central feature of this architecture and will support your future needs through the use of web services, data standards, and automation. Data flows built in each TotalVote module minimize or even eliminate data entry errors. Voter registration data populates candidate records, which makes up ballot data. The ballot data is used to set up election returns, results, and canvassing, all without any further user input. Innovative features are documented throughout each project and we will continuously improve and create, even after TotalVote is in production.

Configurable Workflows

Administrative tools track longevity of records sitting in a queue and provide statistics for workload oversight.

Throughout the product description you will read about work queues. Work queues route work around the office, pairing data with associated images of documents to put tasks on the desktop of the right person for the most efficient processing. TotalVote allows you to configure the assignment of work queues to different users and to define what parameters are used to push work from one work queue to another automatically.