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BPro TotalVote® Election Software testimonials.

“Early winner is the Montana Secretary of State’s office for putting together a great site for real-time results.”

Steve Kornacki - NBC News National Political Correspondent

“We appreciate all you and your team have done for Oregon in this process. The system looks great and your team is one of the best teams I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Thanks again.”

Brenda Bayes - former Elections Director, State of Oregon

“For the first time in Montana, folks were able to access this type of detailed information on a statewide basis within minutes after counties started uploading results.”

Linda McCulloch - former Montana Secretary of State

“The election website had over 150-thousand hits. It’s the first time voters could get precinct information, ballot information and results all on the same page…”

Al Jaeger - North Dakota Secretary of State

“The Secretary of State’s website is pretty slick, easy to navigate and shows the results of every race in the state, complete with county-level data and district maps.”

Missoula Independent

“BPro’s TotalVote Election Management System was recognized as a national finalist for the third annual NASS IDEAS Award.”