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Oregon announces Election Night Reporting Site for November 2016

The Oregon Secretary of State has selected BPro Inc to create an Election Night Reporting site with their TotalVote® election software. The customized web-based reporting site will provide real-time election results for any upcoming primary, general, or special election for Oregon through their SOS website. Completion of the innovative solution is projected for the upcoming November 2016 General Election.

TotalVote Election Night Reporting ensures real-time results on Election night after the polls close. The site is user-friendly and informative for both members of the public and local media. In addition, the software helps local election officials report precinct results by reducing manual entry and eliminating potential for errors. The reporting system has been used in jurisdictions of all sizes around the country since 2008.

Of the company’s success in winning this project for Oregon, BPro President Brandon Campea said, “This is proud moment for us as we continue to expand our election services to other states. We are honored to work alongside the Oregon Secretary of State’s office and excited to bring new features and updates to the site. Constantly meeting the demands of our clients keep our product as one of the best election night reporting sites in the country.”

The success of the Election Night Reporting component of TotalVote is a major accomplishment. Election officials use the software to automatically import contests and candidates, and then can update results automatically from ballot tabulation software in order to instantly update the public and media on election results. There is no physical link between ballot counting hardware and software and any part of the TotalVote application, and the software is easy to use with minimal training for local election staff.

About BPro Inc: BPro Inc is a U.S.-based premier information technology services corporation based in Pierre, South Dakota with a successful track record of providing election-related software solutions to state and local governments across the country. Founded in 1985, BPro has designed, produced and distributed their product, TotalVote, to 12 states and 833 jurisdictions. BPro’s TotalVote solution won the 2009 Election Center’s State Technology Award and was also a finalist for the 2014 National Association of Secretaries of State’s IDEAS Award.