Electronic Ballot Delivery

In 2009, the United States government passed laws and provided funds for states to provide these services. Since that time, BPro has integrated the electronic ballot into a piece of our TotalVote system. This has allowed our company to continue to develop our Electronic Ballot Delivery tool as an asset that can be utilized by more and more voters. While the system was initially designed for voters living and serving overseas, our system can now be a valuable resource for voters with disabilities who can vote by mail, independently and privately, using our technology.

Since 2009, BPro Inc. has provided secure, electronic ballots that voters can download, print and return in time to be counted in an election. BPro currently provides the systems to authenticate eligible voters and deliver a voter-specific electronic ballot, which voters can mark electronically or print and mark by hand. Our system maps each voter to their registered address, to provide a complete ballot that includes federal, state and local races and measures. The electronic ballot can be returned by mail, email, or fax, depending on current and future laws related to ballot return methods. Once returned, our system can automatically reproduce these 8.5″x11″ electronic ballots onto an official ballot, which can be scanned for tabulation through any major tabulation system.

In addition to electronic ballots that may only be an option for certain voters, the BPro system is also designed to create fully accessible sample ballots that can be utilized by every registered voter. Sample ballots provide a list of every candidate and issue that will be on a voter’s specific ballot and help better inform voters before an election. These sample ballots are also available to all voters from most computers, tablets or smart mobile devices.