Election Management

The Election Management module within TotalVote® provides all election functions in a single, unified manner for ALL elections including statewide primary, special and general elections plus local elections. The system provides for rock-solid management of the data, eliminates duplicate entry of data, and allows for seamless transition between candidate data and ballot preparation.

BPro’s Election Management technology provides:

Candidate Management

Candidates can file in-person or online and as they are certified, TotalVote automatically links the information from their voter registration record to the appropriate contest. The Candidate Table contains all identifying information and a unique Candidate ID Number is created for each candidate.

Ballot Questions

TotalVote allows Election Administrators to create Ballot Questions by entering the title, question information, and ballot number / letter. The user also selects the district to ensure that the question only appears on appropriate ballots. All text can be entered in multiple languages.

Ballot Creation

TotalVote seamlessly creates every ballot style once information regarding the candidates, contests, ballot questions and ballot order is entered. The system allows for QA throughout the process and automatically reviews the Sample Ballot for errors. When the ballots are released to the printing vendor, the system also indicates the number of ballots necessary for each precinct.

Reports / Labels

TotalVote comes with a comprehensive list of reports and labels. Reports include paper poll books and registration totals and the data generator allows users to create almost any customized report. Labels are setup for each voter, notice, and absentee record for easy access.


The TotalVote canvassing module is used at both the County and State levels to provide election canvassing for all statewide and local primary, special and general elections. All data is pulled from returns data and provides a State and County canvass report and certificate, along with any necessary canvass of recount races.

Electronic Ballots & Sample Ballots

Once an election is fully set up, BPro’s TotalVote system provides election administrators with electronic ballots and sample ballots. In addition to being the last check before ballots are printed, these ballots can be used by UOCAVA voters and voters with disabilities (depending on local laws).

In addition to electronic ballots, the TotalVote system produces sample ballots that can be made available to every eligible voter. These voter-specific sample ballots allow voters to educate themselves on the candidates, races and issues that will appear on their ballot, from any web-enabled computer, tablet or smart phone.

TotalVote Security Information

TotalVote is utilized in an intranet environment where the security is handled by both network hardware and software user authentication. The TotalVote software is accessed by either a username and password or active directory. Audit trails are provided on all data changes and include user id and a date / time stamp.