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Data Integration and Database Design

BPro’s Data Integration and Database Design delivers the right software solution the first time. We take the time to understand your work and data flow. We then plan and design software that will meet your present and future business goals. We collaborate with you to develop better ways of doing things.

We will clarify your objectives and processes, and recommend the optimum software platform before developing your software solution. Our dedicated and creative staff of programmers has a highly developed work ethic, excellent communication skills, and a proven track record of “24/7” customer service to our clients.

We provide an exceptional software value while achieving our high standard of excellence. In most cases, the software we create for you pays for itself in the first year through direct cost savings. Your business reaps a windfall in every year thereafter, not to mention improved efficiency from the first day the software is used.

To shorten the normal development cycle, we use these development tools:

  • Microsoft .NET
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)

BPro specializes in rapid applications development. Examples of what we do:

  • Re-writing legacy applications to the Windows environment;
  • Moving mainframe applications to a networked PC environment;
  • Combining existing applications into a single, unified application;
  • New applications development;
  • Systems engineering and project planning;
  • Web page and web database development;
  • Teleconferencing / videoconferencing support;
  • Data mining – complex reporting regardless of data origin.