Campaign Finance

With TotalVote® Campaign Finance system, political parties, candidates, organizations, and the general public benefit from useful tools for filing and viewing campaign finance information. This effective solution securely records and searches for campaign and PAC income, expenses, contributions, and loans, in a user-friendly system that will also help candidates and political parties meet campaign finance reporting deadlines.

While deploying TotalVote’s Campaign Finance System, great care is taken to not only to construct a complete application that adapts to each states laws, but also includes helpful user functions for committee data management.

TotalVote reduces the time it takes campaigns to track down and fill out paper campaign reports and offers a complete web-based system that organizes and distributes desired forms online. As soon as data is entered into the system, TotalVote Campaign Finance accurately places the data into the online form. Once online, all campaign finance forms are easily retrieved when searching for a form.

Campaign Finance generates fully searchable PDF reports for the public to search for:

  • Expenditures
  • Donor Reports
  • Financial Data Summaries
  • Political Race History
  • Complaints
  • Penalties

TotalVote’s Campaign Finance system reduces the burden of campaign finance filing for political parties, candidates, and organizations, while providing a greater level of transparency for the general public.