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What is TotalVote?

TotalVote® Election Software

TotalVote® is a centralized voter registration and election management system that securely captures and manages voter, candidate and all election information. It is the only software system that encompasses the entire election process into one system. Rather than transferring data from system to system and dealing with compatibility issues, election officials are able to log into one system and work on any aspect of the election process.



TotalAddress is a GIS-based address management software solution. TotalAddress renders the archaic street index file obsolete and allows users to visualize addresses and precinct boundaries on a map giving you tremendous time savings and increased accuracy of your voter registration rolls…
TotalVote Voter Registration

Voter Registration

TotalVote® Voter Registration systems help streamline the voter registration process for state and local election officials. Every BPro TotalVote® VR system has the same core, but each state’s VR system has been configured to meet the unique local laws, regulations and standards…
TotalVote Election Management

Election Management

The Election Management module within TotalVote® provides all election functions in a single, unified manner for ALL elections including statewide primary, special and general elections plus local elections. The system provides for rock-solid management of the data, eliminates duplicate entry of data…
TotalVote Election Night Reporting

Election Night Reporting

Voters, candidates and the news media all want fast, accurate results on Election Night. BPro can help you deliver Election Night results that are easy for the public to understand and available to anyone, anywhere, on most devices. Our solution allows users to easily navigate down to their precinct level results…
TotalVote Online Voter Registration

Online Voter Registration

Online Voter Registration systems present challenges as well as opportunities for election administrators. As an important election approaches and a registration deadline looms, user traffic can rapidly increase to the point that systems and servers get overloaded and sites max out…
TotalVote Voter Information Portal

Voter Information Portal

The TotalVote® Voter Information Portal ensures voters are informed, educated and prepared for Election Day. Voters can view their registration information, political party affiliation, polling place location, voting history, sample PDF ballot for the upcoming election, absentee ballot tracking information…
TotalVote Campaign Finance

Campaign Finance

With the TotalVote® Campaign Finance system, candidates, organizations, and political parties are able to securely record income, expenses, contributions, and loans. Generates fully searchable PDF reports for the public, links campaigns to candidates, reduces manual entry and paperwork…
TotalVote Electronic Ballot Delivery

Electronic Ballot Delivery

The TotalVote® Electronic Ballot Delivery solution makes it easy for American overseas military and citizens to vote. Electronic ballots are created and sent to eligible voters, online ballot marking tools are available, the system is fully MOVE Act compliant, eligible voters are able to cast their ballot in one easy process…
TotalVote ePollbook


TotalVote ePollbook solution greatly improves efficiency across all poll sites. Our ePollbook utilizes a real-time connection to voter registration data, providing live statistics on Election Day, applies poll site procedures systematically, eliminates inefficiencies and cost of paper poll books…
TotalVote Petition Management

Petition Management

The Petition Management tool provides a simple system to manage the complex petition process and accommodate the petition filing laws and processes of each state and locality. Automating portions of the process can help jurisdictions save time and money by accurately and effectively processing petitions…
Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Partner

BPro has taken outside measures with Microsoft technologies to certify the company’s knowledge and skills in cloud computing capabilities. BPro is currently a Microsoft Partner with a Silver Cloud Platform Competency membership level that reflects our increased commitment and proficiency in these skillset areas…
Contact BPro Inc

Contact BPro Inc

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