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The Central Election Night Reporting System (CERS)

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Description: Developing a complete online system for the Secretary of State and County Auditors to use track candidate petition filing, campaign finance report filing, ballot certification and creation, election night results reporting, and county and state canvassing.

Features Include the following:

  • Online management for the entire election process for statewide primary, secondary, general and special elections.
  • Automatic roll-over of races and candidates from Primary to Secondary and Primary to General elections
  • Automatic race and ballot creation with minimal input from County Auditors.
  • Automatic ballot submission to ballot printing company.
  • Voter Information Portal (VIP) allows public to view ballots and identify their polling location.
  • Candidate Voice Capture (CVC) integration for programming voting machines.
  • Integration with electronic vote counting machines (ex. ERM) and precinct level entry by County Auditors
  • Detailed results and reporting down to the precinct level.
  • Automatic calculation of race winners and possible recounts once 100% of precincts have reported for each race.
  • Automatic results updates every 5 minutes online and to the Associated Press and the media.
  • Interactive results maps with county / district / precinct level results.
  • Voter Turnout Results
  • Provisional Ballots Results

The public will be able to view election results from the site beginning with the Fall 2008 elections. The system will be used for statewide primary, secondary, special and general elections.

Designed in ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL Server 2000, and Crystal Reports XI.


eGrant is a complete custom web-based system for use by the state Department of Education, all school districts and other education agencies throughout South Dakota. Schools/District use it to prepare and submit grant applications to the state Department of Education (DOE) in order to receive federal funding, and to manage their grants. The state DOE assists school districts with their applications, evaluates and approves grants, and administers grant funds through eGrant. eGrant allows DOE to create new grants and add or edit grant questions without programmer assistance.

SD Department of Revenue (CEDAR)

BPro Inc developed CEDAR for the South Dakota Department of Revenue and Regulation to replace the previous AS400 system (which was used for Business Taxes), mainframe systems encompassing Motor Fuel and Special Taxes, along with many standalone Microsoft Access databases. CEDAR consolidates all of these systems and types of taxes into a single system. It includes modules for Business Taxes, Audits, Special Taxes, Ledger and Collections as well as many features to ensure one-time data entry, flexible reporting, and complete security.

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